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Tip Toey Joey Shoes

Designed by a father in search of the perfect shoe for his baby daughter, Tip Toey Joey shoes are a perennial favourite of Igloo customers, and it is easy to see why.  Tip Toey Joey baby shoes feature soft, non-restrictive designs made from 100% leather, inside and out, that allow little feet room to breath and grow while providing protection and support.  A contoured design matches the shape of babies' feet, an exclusive stretching heel in every Tip Toey Joey shoe makes dressing easy and ensures a secure fit, and a thin rubber sole provides grip and protection while still allowing babies to sense irregularities in the ground, which is essential for the natural development of foot muscles, balance, and posture.  Throughout the line, every Tip Toey Joey shoe includes practical features like elastic laces that never come untied and easy-to-secure velcro straps make it clear that Tip Toey Joey shoes were created by parents – and we are sure you will love them as much as we do.  

As a general rule, Tip Toey Joey runs small and wide for both baby shoes and children’s shoes. The boys’ trainers in Tip Toey Joey’s big kids’ range is the widest shoe that we carry. Tip Toey Joey is great for a G or H fitting. With Tip Toey Joey baby shoes, we always go one, and sometimes even two, sizes up from the size measured.



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