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Pom D'Api Shoes

One of the most popular brands of designer children's footwear, Pom D'Api children's shoes exude sophistication. French design and craftsmanship mean that all Pom D'Api footwear is both fashionable and durable, with forward-thinking designs made from the finest natural materials. Carefully chosen leather and thoughtful features like decorative studs and buckles are typical of the meticulous attention to detail that makes Pom D'Api children's shoes stand out from the crowd. A best-seller for boys and girls alike, Pom D'Api sandals are a must-have for summer.  Designs like the ever-popular Pom D'Api Plagette Strap Sandal for girls and the Pom D'Api Yapo Papy Sandal for boys make Pom D'Api kids shoes the favourite of fashion-forward kids around the globe.  

Pom D’Api shoes run small and a bit narrow, so we generally go up a size from the size we measure in the shop. Pom D’Api fits F and E fittings particularly well.



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