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Bisgaard Shoes

Bisgaard children's shoes are known for their unique combination of high-quality materials, Scandinavian design, and a focus on the perfect fit. Made from real leather with leather lining, rubber or crepe soles, and latex inner-soles, Bisgaard kids' shoes are set apart from the rest with the finest natural materials. Extensive knowledge of children's growing feet and use of the latest technological innovations ensure that Bisgaard children's shoes fit perfectly, with soft edges that provide room for feet to move and grow. Their imaginative designs combine comfort and functionality with innovative style, creating kids shoes that stand out from the crowd.  With styles that range from the ever-popular Bisgaard Chelsea Boot to the new season of Bisgaard summer sandals, Bisgaard children's footwear provide quality, comfort and fashion across the entire line.    

Bisgaard shoes generally run a bit narrow and long. In general, we sell the size that we measure. Bisgaard is excellent for an E or F fitting, and baby trainers and baby T-bar shoes are great for a G fitting.



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