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Trick or Treat London Halloween

London Trick or Treat

Where to go trick or treating in London? Our Trick or Treat area guide is below!

There are lots of places to go trick or treating in London. Our advice is to start early before it gets dark and busy. In some areas, you can even start trick or treating in London as early as 4:30PM! Our top neighbourhoods for Halloween:

Trick or Treating in St John's Wood

Our local area St John’s Wood is a hot spot for trick or treating. Start around 4:30PM if you have younger children and visit the following streets for a dose of Halloween fun: Carlton Hill, Clifton Hill, Loudon Road, and the northern side of Hamilton Terrace. The houses at the end of Clifton Hill are always spooktacular!

Trick or Treating in Kensington & Chelsea

Admire the house decorations and take your kids trick or treating at the following streets: The Little Boltons, Tregunter Road, The Boltons, and the rectangle made up by Phillimore Walk, Phillimore Gardens, Upper Phillimore Gardens and Argyll Road, and all the streets in between. 

Trick or Treating in Primrose Hill

If you’re near Primrose Hill for trick or treating, start at Chalcot Square where nearly every house on the square joins in on the fun. You can then walk down Chalcot Road, Fitzroy Road and the surrounding neighbourhood streets. 

Do you have any other favourite spots for trick or treating in London? Leave a comment and we’ll add them to the list!

P.S. Don't forget to pick you your Halloween Costumes!

Halloween in london with kids



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