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Tonie Box: The Kids Clever Audio Box

Tonie Box


Welcome to the wonderful world of Tonies, a new audio system that changes the way children listen to stories and music! The Tonie Box is the perfect gift for kids this year and we are so pleased to now offer it at Igloo! See it right here.

Interactive and imaginative fun, the Tonie Box and Tonies characters entertain children without bright screens, scratched CDs or complicated remotes. 

Tonie Audio Box

Are you ready for our special offer? For one week only, you can get a free Tonie content character with purchase of a Tonie Box. Simply, pick out your favourite colour for the Tonie Box (red, green, grey, black, blue or pink) and then select a content character, such as the Gruffalo, Rapunzel or even Stick Man! Your discount will be automatically applied at checkout. This offer ends Nov 3, 2019!

Tonie Box

The Tonie Box and Tonies are such a special toy! Perfect for the Christmas season or for birthdays. The easy-to-use audio box is perfect for all children from the age of three who want to listen, learn and laugh where—and whenever they feel like it. You can even take it along on car trips! 

We also love the smart design of the Tonie Box—it’s an attractive toy that’s both soft enough to cuddle and durable enough for really hands-on children!

To shop the Tonie Box and clever Tonie characters, go here.

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