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Tartine et Chocolat girls clothing


Happy Day! Our new Tartine et Chocolat collection is here! There is nothing quite like this sophisticated children’s brand--renowned throughout the world for their unique mix of tradition and modernity. Truly a stylish icon that is founded undoubtedly on fashionable French roots.

Each season, we welcome a new collection of Tartine et Chocolat. It's a staple brand at Igloo, attracting parents who want to dress their children in something special and unique for birthdays, dances, dinners, holidays, family events, and weddings. Can we tell you what we are most excited about the season?


Tartine et Chocolat Baby

Tartine et Chocolat baby collection. Perfect French clothing to welcome a newborn or a full-on crawling infant. Baby christening outfits, first birthday party outfits, or for attending a wedding. Wrapping up a baby in a cosy one-piece sleep suit, romper or delicate baby dress is just the sweetest sight ever! Whether for your own child or to gift to a special child, Tartine et Chocolat clothing is a special, keepsake item that parents will save long-after the little one has outgrown it!

tartine et chocolat girls dress

We are always smitten with Tartine et Chocolat dresses. Beautiful embroidery, thoughtful detailing, and practical yet luxurious fabrics that make these dresses stand out from the crowd. They are playful and modern with the perfect hint of sophistication--pleasing both child & mummy! 

 Tartine et Chocolat Baby Clothing

And of course, with our new collection in, that means our previous collection is on sale! So, don't hesitate to shop the Tartine et Chocolat sale. These items are from previous Tartine season and up to 70% off. A very exciting occasion to enjoy a bargain on elegant French children’s clothing for babies, girls and boys.

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