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5 tips for choosing the right school shoes

school shoes for kids

5 Essential tips for choosing school shoes for your child. 

Your children spend over 30 hours a week in their school shoes, so it’s essential you pick the right pair to accompany their smart school uniform. But how to choose the right school shoes when there are are so many styles, prices points, and brands to choose from! Velcro or laces? Mary Janes or brogues? Geox school shoes or Camper school shoes?
Grab a cup of tea and relax. We’ve put together a quick guide to help make buying school shoes simple and straightforward. With over 14 years of school shoe fitting experience, you'll also find our recommendations for this year's best school shoes below too.

Here are 5 tips for school shoe shopping:

  1. Buy school shoes that are made of natural materials.  Leather shoes let kids’ little feet breathe and reduce sweat and discomfort—essential when they are wearing school shoes so often.
  2. Look for school shoes that they can easily put on and off themselves. For younger children, this means skipping laces and going for velcro or a buckle strap. You and their teachers will appreciate this in the long-run as it will make getting ready for school and PE so much easier.
  3. Find school shoes that offer extra durability for long-term wear. Pay attention to scuff protection at the front of the shoe for extra durability and cushioning at the back of the heel so it’s comfortable for children from the first wear. No little ones want to “break in a shoe” on their first day back at school.
  4. Consider how adjustable straps will allow them to customise the school shoes for their feet. A buckle or velcro strap can give them the independence to set the tightness of the shoe, providing comfort and security.
  5. Make sure to measure your child’s foot to get the best fit. This is most important when school shoe shopping. Parents can be tempted to size up on a school shoe to get more wear, but this practice will backfire as the shoe will be ill-fitting, uncomfortable and can do long-term damage to your child's feet. At Igloo, we offer a free, in-store measuring service. For our online customers, we have a simple measuring tool you can use right here. You can also check out our Size Guide for brand-specific advice.
At Igloo, we only carry school shoe brands that meet the ultimate tests of style, durability, and comfort.  We also offer free UK returns on school shoes. You can find favourite school shoes from brands like Geox, Camper, Bobux, Primigi, Angulus, Manuela de Juan, Froddo and more. Here are some smart school shoe choices:
Manuela De Juan School Shoes
Manuela de Juan school shoes
We love these Manuela de Juan girls black school shoes. Traditional in super-soft leather with a pretty T-bar style. These shoes are handmade in Spain with a soft leather lining and flexible rubber sole.
Geox School Shoes
GEOX boys school shoes
These Geox boys' school shoes tick all the right requirements. Breathable in soft leather, an antibacterial insole, and a double strap that ensures they are easy to get on and allows the fit to be adjusted.
Camper School Shoes
camper kids shoes
Camper Runner School Shoes
A classic school shoe for good reason, Camper Runner School Shoes, are a fun, sporty, laid-back shoe that's great for all-day play.
Primigi School Shoes
Primigi School Shoes
Kids can't go wrong with Primigi school shoes. These traditional Mary Jane shoes have a leather upper and leather lining with an adjustable velcro strap.
Froddo School Shoes
Froddo School Shoes
The Froddo School Shoe has a light and flexible sole which provide complete softness and mobility at each step. The leather makes them breathable and comfortable. We love how Froddo school shoes are durable and perfect for active kids.
For more school shoe advice, please email us at We’d love to help your little ones get the best fit.

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