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Children's Wellbeing: 1 hour of outdoor play per day

Hatley Kids Rainjacket

One hour of outdoor play can dramatically increase a child's wellbeing, says a new report commissioned by the Wildlife Trusts. We couldn't agree more with the positive effects of outdoor play, having seen the change in character in our own kids as they build forts, play with leaves, climb trees and kick footballs. 

As a parent, don't you just love watching your children explore and experience nature around them?
The Wildlife Trusts was so impressed with their research and the boost in children's wellbeing from playing in their natural surroundings, that they have called for all children in the UK to have 1 hour each day spent in outdoor learning or wildlife.
“... children experience profound and diverse benefits through regular contact with nature. Contact with the wild improves children’s wellbeing, motivation and confidence." said Nigel Doar, The Wildlife Trusts’ director of strategy.
At Igloo, we also believe the power of outdoor play positively impacts children's mental, physical and social health too. We just love to see the joy children experience as they discover the beauty and fun in their natural surroundings. And with the right kids jackets, waterproof kids shoes, children are happy, protected and comfortable! Some of our favourite brands for outdoor play include:
  • Hatley Kids: Perfect for waterproof bundlers for babies and toddlers, allowing little ones to bound in the leaves and grass! We also love Hatley rain jackets, wellies and warm hats too.
  • Mini A Ture: Designed in Denmark to withstand the cold winters, our Mini A Ture jackets are perfect for keeping cold and wind at bay. 
  • Footwear: Our favourite outdoors shoes include Bobux, Hummel waterproof trainers, Moon Boot snow boots, Veja Kids trainers, Camper kids trainers, and Bogs boots.
Now, time go outside and play!
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