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Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

birthday gift ideas kids

It's birthday party season, so we're aiming to make your life a little easier by sharing our go-to gifts for kids. From babies to toddlers and older kids too, you'll find engaging, stylish, creative gifts below. 

Plus, enter your child's birthday here to get a treat on their special day. 🥳


Baby Gift Ideas

1. Happy flamingo with three friends included. 2. The sweetest, softest starfish. 3. Elemenosqueeze blocks for chewing, stacking, tossing and all sorts of fun!


birthday gift ideas for 2 year old

1. Softest machine-washable Kaloo dolls. 2. A vintage-style wooden telephone for important conversations. 3. A classic magnetic fishing game.


birthday gift ideas for kids

1. A little wardrobe suitcase. 2. A sushi kit for refined palates. 3. A wooden owl clock for telling time... and sleeping in!

birthday gift ideas for kids

1. A box of Marvin's Magic Tricks. 2. TopModel secret diary and stationery. 3. Lisa and Lena pencil cases, notebooks and more. 


kids birthday party decoration

1. Party hats for celebrating. 2. A fun unicorn pinata. 3. Dinosaur cookie cutters.

Need more gift ideas? See our TOYS section here!


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