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6 Fun Ways to Photograph your Kids Together

Would you love images of your kids that captures their personalities perfectly? We asked London family and brand photographer Nina Mucalov, who took these beautiful photos at our Igloo Summer Party, for tips on taking brilliant photos of your kids. Here's Nina's advice...

6 fun ways to photograph your children
1. Upside Down: This is a sure way to capture genuine smiles and laughter!
Notting Hill Family Photographer
2.  Hiding under the covers: My clients (and my own girls 💕)  never seem to tire of this one!
Queens Park Family Photographer
3. On the Sofa: sitting on the sofa is lovely, but capturing them peeking over the back can be even sweeter.
Maida Vale Family Photographer
4. Dressing up! Whether your kids want to be super heroes or ballerinas - this is always a great photo opportunity.
London Family Photographer
5. Holding Hands: capture (the fleeting?) moments of tenderness.
Notting Hill Family Photographer
6. Doing Air Guitar or any other activity that is unique to your family.
London Family Photographer
We love these tips, Nina! Time to get out the camera and snap away. You're sure to get some frame-worthy favourites following Nina's advice. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a natural family photo session, and would love some photos of you WITH your children, we'd highly recommend Nina. She was brilliant with the kids (and parents) at our Igloo party.
You can find her packages here or email for more info.

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