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Snow Clothes for Kids: 5 Essential Pieces

Kids Moon Boots

Snow is in the forecast. Are you and the kids ready for it? Building snowmen, catching snowflakes, throwing snowballs... We can't wait for the first snowfall!

Here are 5 pieces of warm clothing every kid needs for a magical time in the snow.


Kids Moon Boots

 1. Kids Moon Boots

There's nothing worse than cold, soggy toes! Fight the frost with super stylish kids' Moon Boots. Various colors and styles available. We also love Baby Bog and BMoc boots for little ones.

Molo Ski Jackets

2. Kids Snow Jackets

Our kids' Ski Jackets from Molo have been very popular this year - fun designs and ultra warm and practical for freezing temperatures. Other favourites include Mini A Ture jackets and Finger in the Nose jackets. All on sale right now! The goal is to ensure kids can enjoy the snow whilst being warm... and these kids' winter jackets do just the trick.

Kids Snow Trousers

3. Kids Snow and Ski Trousers 

Warm, waterproof bottoms like Molo Ski Pants and Mini A Ture Ski Pants  (both on sale) are a must for any kind of snow play. Snowball fight, anyone? (Tip: Try base layering Smalls Merino Wool Kids' Trousers underneath for extra comfort and warmth!) 


Kids Snow Clothes

4. Kids Snow Hats and Earmuffs

Warm heads and ears can make all the difference in snowy, cold weather. Top favourites are the Mini A Ture balaclavas (so cute and on sale), UGG earmuffs, and sweet and playful Jellycat earmuffs. We also love snoods by Smalls - which wrap around the neck.

kids snow clothes 

5. Kids Snow Gloves

Say no to numb fingers! Mini A Ture gloves to the rescue for the older kids and a pair of Mini A Ture mittens for the littlest ones. (On sale too!)

And there you go... our favourite snow clothes for kids! Wishing the happiest of snow days! 


(Top image via @mieke_and_her_boys on Instagram)

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